29 Dec '14, 6am

Blog: Kathryn Kranen at #IEDM (Paul McLellan) #semIP

It is the 50th year of IEDM, the International Electron Devices Meeting. The fact that it has been going for so long reveals why it has such an odd name: back in 1964 most "electron devices" were tubes (valves in UK lingo). This year they gave all of us a USB stick with all the papers from all 50 years of the event, something that would have been unbelievable to even think about during the first conference when a few bits of memory would cost a king's ransom. This year at lunch on Wednesday there was an IEDM/Women in Engineering co-sponsored lunch. The setup was Kathryn Kranen, most recently CEO of Jasper Design Automation, being interviewed by Thuy Dao of Freescale.

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