20 Oct '15, 5pm

Sinclair ZX81 Kit Build on @einfoline

Sinclair ZX81 Kit Build on @einfoline

After completing the build of the ZX81 computer we added a UK mains plug to the supplied power supply and checked the output voltage. We forgot to check the input voltage for the power supply and after plugging the power supply into the UK mains (240V) the transformer made a bad buzzing noise and the magic smoke escaped! We then checked the voltage sticker on the power supply and found that it was a US model with a 110V input!

Full article: http://www.electronicsinfoline.com/pin/25343/


ADAS surround view development kit

electronics-eetimes.com 19 Oct '15, 6pm

Once connected via an on-board extension connector to the already available ADAS Starter Kit, the ADAS Surround View Kit p...