29 Nov '15, 12am

#designthinking #feedly

#designthinking #feedly

Humans seem to have a strange love affair with testing their limits, especially when it comes to spinning. Perhaps they ride the Gravitron while dreaming they’re in NASA’s 20 g test centrifuge. When carnival rides aren’t enough though, a few intrepid hackers bust out the welders and take matters into their own hands . This is a hack that goes by many names, though “The Redneck Spin Chair” will bring up plenty of hits on YouTube. The design is dead simple. Take a rear differential and axle assembly out of an old car or truck. Rotate it 90 degrees, so the diff is now pointing up. Weld a chair on. Finally, weld on a couple of tow bars. Pulling the whole mess will cause the wheels to spin, which transmits power through the differential and rotates the chair. The ride doesn’t have be pulled very fast, as automotive differentials generally have reduction between 3:1 and 5:1. We’...

Full article: http://hackaday.com/2015/11/28/sit-n-spin-for-big-kids/


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Enter to win Big Buddha Handbags #Giveaway @fam...

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The Big Buddha Grayson Shoulder Bag features rounded gold metal studs on the sides and straps for eye catching fun. The si...