23 Dec '15, 9am

God on the CB Radio

God on the CB Radio

Sometimes art pushes boundaries. We’ve covered a lot of tech art that blurs the lines between the craft of engineering and high-concept art theory. Praydio , by [Niklas Roy] and [Kati Hyyppä ] leans easy on the tech, but pushes against viewers’ religious sensibilities. Playing with the idea of talking directly to God, and with the use of altars as a focal point to do so, [Niklas] and [Kati] took the extremely literal route: embedding a CB radio into a dollar-store shrine. The result? If you’re lucky, someone will answer your prayers, although we’re not too hopeful that the intervention will be divine. The art critic in us would say that this is a radical democratization of religious authority in that anyone who is tuned in can play the role of Jesus. Or maybe we’d say something about the perception of religious significance in the seemingly random events of our everyday li...

Full article: http://hackaday.com/2015/12/23/god-on-the-cb-radio/


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