29 Oct '16, 9pm

"Opened Eyes," a Sabbath sermon for troubled times.

"Opened Eyes," a Sabbath sermon for troubled times.

“The king brought in all his men,” Jackson continued. “He was furious that whenever he made a maneuver, he was psyched out.” The king of Israel anticipated all his moves. “He demanded of his officers, tell me which one is on the side of the king of Israel. Sheepishly one said, ‘none of us.’” It was Elisha, the man of God, who provided information to the king of Israel, thwarting the moves of the king of Aram. The king was furious, and called for the head of the prophet. The prophet of God was holed up in a walled city. His enemies were in pursuit. They wanted to annihilate the people of God. “That is the historical context of the story,” Jackson said. "He knew he was being pursued."

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Jesus's tomb opened for first time in centuries

straitstimes.com 29 Oct '16, 9pm

JERUSALEM (AFP) - Preservation experts have opened for the first time in at least two centuries what Christians believe is...