17 Apr '17, 4pm

Cracking a WALNUT: A Novel Physical Attack on Accelerometers

To be clear, it doesn’t appear that a random hacker could pick up any old phone and immediately start an attack like this. It takes a fair bit of work to figure out, for a given brand of system and accelerometer, what the clipping response is and what the sampling and resonant frequencies are. Only with that knowledge can one start to figure out how to do more than just jamming – to exercise actual control. And then there’s figuring out how to embed sounds into music and then get that onto a target system and then get someone to play it. It’s a lot of effort. But then again, so is a side-channel attack for figuring out security keys – and that’s been done.

Full article: http://www.eejournal.com/archives/articles/20170417-walnut/


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