30 May '17, 8pm

LTE IMSI Catcher

LTE IMSI Catcher

GSM IMSI catchers preyed on a cryptographic misstep in the GSM protocol. But we have LTE now, why worry? No one has an LTE IMSI catcher, right? Wrong. [Domi] is here with a software-defined base transceiver station that will catch your IMSI faster than you can say “stingray” (YouTube video, embedded below). First of all, what is an IMSI? IMSI stands for International Mobile Subscriber Identity. If an IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is your license plate, your IMSI would be your driver’s license. The IMEI is specific to the phone. Your IMSI is used to identify you, allowing phone companies to verify your origin country and mobile network subscription. Now, with terminology in tow, how does [Domi] steal your IMSI? Four words: Tracking Area Update Request. When a phone on an LTE network received a tracking area request, the LTE protocol mandates that the phone ...

Full article: http://hackaday.com/2017/05/30/lte-imsi-catcher/


Wiko Harry speeds in with 4G LTE and Nougat

Wiko Harry speeds in with 4G LTE and Nougat

vernonchan.com 31 May '17, 11am

Up-and-coming French smartphone maker Wiko has introduced a new addition to its Y-range. Wiko Harry , looking sweet in a m...

Afghan Wireless Launches First 4G LTE Network in Afghanistan

Afghan Wireless Launches First 4G LTE Network i...

spectrum.ieee.org 01 Jun '17, 3pm

In May 2017, Afghan Wireless announced a milestone—the company had launched the first 4G LTE service in Afghanistan. That ...