31 Dec '12, 10pm

ISE Design Suite 14.4 now available, supporting Artix-7 and enhanced support for #Zynq-7000 All Programmable SoC:

Quick Links WINDOWS 32-bit/64-bit (6.20 GB) LINUX 32-bit/64-bit (6.44 GB) Licensing Help Design Tools Device Models CAE Vendor Libraries /csi/dlc-nav-design-tools.htm /csi/dlc-nav-device-models.htm /csi/dlc-nav-cae-vendor-libraries.htm

Full article: http://www.xilinx.com/support/download/index.htm#Dec12NL


Rotary Angle Encoders Go Programmable

Rotary Angle Encoders Go Programmable

designnews.com 26 Dec '12, 11am

Off-the-shelf absolute encoders or sensors provide straight-binary or grayscale-binary values, but if you need a special c...

Winter Staple Available Now... via @BurnRubber

Winter Staple Available Now... via @BurnRubber

burnrubberdetroit.com 28 Dec '12, 7pm

Staple Design is in. Not much more needs to be said. One of the dopest lines out right now & the price points are unbeliev...

Intel claims latest tablet SoC beats Nvidia Teg...

eetimes.com 21 Dec '12, 1am

SAN JOSE, Calif. – Intel claimed its latest tablet SoC outperforms the Nvidia Tegra 3 while consuming less power. On anoth...

Nike KD 5 “Christmas” (Now Available) #Nike

Nike KD 5 “Christmas” (Now Available) #Nike

kicksonfire.com 27 Dec '12, 1am

and the Miami Heat on Christmas day. The design sports a mainly blue upper, which is highlighted by a pixelated look along...